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    Manufacturer: 2-phones-in-1 ™

    Phone: iPhone 4 / 4S

    Number of controllable Sim Cards : 3

    SIM cards active simultaneously: No

    Bluetooth connection required: No

    Compatible 3G / 4G / LTE: yes

    Adapter Model: I-43

    EAN: 0609465962337

    Product Description

    I-43 Triple Sim Adapter with case for iPhone 4 and 4S

    Tri-Sim Card for iPhone 4/4S with black Back Cover
    Triple Sim for iPhone 4 and 4S: Run 3 simcards in your iPhone 4/4S with this device
    1 Microsim will go in the sim slot, 2 regular sims are outside
    Protection by Black Back cover
    No need to cut your sim cards
    Sim selection through iPhone 4 STK Menu
    Select active Sim through Home -> Settings -> Phone -> Sim Application-> Select Sim 1, Sim 2, or Sim 3 here
    Package Content: Trisim Card for iPhone 4/4S, black Back cover