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    Manufacturer: 2-phones-in-1 ™

    Phone: Nokia Lumia 925

    Number of controllable Sim Cards : 2

    SIM cards active simultaneously: no

    Bluetooth connection required: no

    Compatible 3G / 4G / LTE: yes

    Adapter Model: NC2 L1

    EAN: 0700358274886

    Product Description

    The NC2 L1 Dualsim adapter enables you to run 2 sim cards in Nokia Lumia 925. The selection of the active simcard is done via the menu. For this purpose, no software installation is necessary at all. It can use 1x Mcirosim and 1 normal Sim from any provider. Since Sim 2 is outside, a top quality black pouch made ​​of TPU is included: 2 SIM cards in the Nokia Lumia 925, select the active simcard per menu . No cutting of SIM cards needed. Compatible with 2G / 3G / UMTS / 4G / LTE / GPS