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    Dual Sim Adapter for every Smartphone

    Buy a Dual SIM Card easily online

    We,  2-phones-in-1, specialize in Dual Sim solutions for mobile phones. With our Dual Sim adapters you can use 2 SIM cards simultaneously  in a cellphone. We carry standard Dual SIM adapter cards, universal Dualsim adapter cards, and several Digital Dual Sim Adapter, where you can select the active simcard directly in the phone: HyperCard 3G with 3G / LTE support, our Top Seller, (as seen in CONNECT) and our NC No Cut Dualsim and Triple Sim adapter NC2 and NC3 for Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, Note 3.4 and more.We also supply Dual SIM adapter for all iPhone models.With our new SocBlue ™ Bluetooth Dual SIM Adapter Battery Cases you can transform your iPhone into a powerful DUAL SIM SMARTPHONE.


    Dual Sim Wizard

    Our Dual Sim wizard shows you which Dual Sim adapter will work with your phone.Simply select your phone model and all compatible Dual Sim solutions will be listed.


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    NC Dual Sim Adapter product line for Samsung Phones (NC1, NC2, NC3)

    With our new Dualsim adapters NC1, NC2 and NC3 there is no need to cut the SIM cards and they work great with all Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.You simply select the active sim card by menu switch. Our brand new  Dual Sim Adapter NC2 models fit  Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, S7 and S7 Edge and we can also offer NC2 for models for the popular LG G3 / G4 / G5 Smartphones.

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    Dual Sim Adapter and Triple Sim Adapter for iPhone 4,5,SE,6,7

    iPhone 4.5, SE Dualsim and Triple Sim Adapter and our new iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 Dual Sim and Triple Sim Adapter expand our program. You want to be reachable on 2 numbers simultaneously and you have an iPhone? Then take a look at our new SocBlue models.  They turn all iPhones into real Dual SIM Smartphones with 2 active sim cards. No jailbreak required! Just Bluetoooth and a free app!

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    iPhone 7 Dual SIM battery case

    SocBlue™ active dual SIM and triple Sim Adapter for Android and IOS

    With our SocBlue iPhone dualsim battery case models  you can have 2 SIM cards simultaneously active in  an Android or IOS device (SocBlue A850 and SocBlue 2,3,4,5,6). We are official exclusive sole SocBlue™distributor. Moreover, we carry sim tools, Power Cases and further innovative mobile phone accessory.Click here for our Dual Sim Webshop!

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