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What is Triple SIM?

Triple Sim is a further development of the dual sim technology.

Instead of having a phone control 2 sim cards, triple sim means that a cellphone will handle 3 sim cards.

In 2007 some chinese manufacturers offered cellphones with 3 sim card slots being „Triple Sim“, however those cellphones never made it that popular as they were very often poorly equipped and would only offer a „Triple Standby“ function.


Triple Sim Cards or Triple Sim Adapters hovewer, are a useful upgrade for any Smartphone.

They do come in Triple Sim Cards for Android and Triple Sim Cards for IOS version.


Basically, a triple sim card offers the exact same functions as a dual sim card with an extra option to integrate a third sim card.

So a triple sim card can also be used only with 2 sim cards and a third sim card can be introduced whenever the necessity occurs.


A very powerful version of triple sim technology is the Triple Sim Adapter for iPhone 6“ from 2-phones-in-1™.

This Triple Sim Card has 3 slots for sim cards and covers all available sim card formats:

The side of the adapter hosting the nano sim card will be inserted in the iPhone’s sim card slot, the other side of the triple sim card can host a micro sim card and a mini sim (Standard Sim) card.

This side of the triple sim device is outside leaning against the back of the iPhone and is protected by a pouch.

The pouch does not only protect the smartphone and the simcards, It can also be used to host additional sim tools like a sim slot opener and a sim mate sim adapter kit.


This makes a triple sim adapter an absolutely powerful device for any iPhone user having the necessity to travel a lot and to juggle several sim cards around.

The user will gain enormous flexibility through being able to easily switch between sim cards, combining sim cards from different providers and countries and smartly selecting the desired connections.


Keep in mind that a triple sim card can not bypass a provider lock. However it is possible to combine different sim cards from the same provider if is a provider lock and not a sim lock.


Android Smartphones can also be equipped with a triple sim card adapter making these cellphones real competitors to their Dual Sim Smartphone counterparts.


Using a Triple Sim Adapter does not require andy software installation as the menu to select the active sim card is automatically provided by the triple sim card’s IC controller and the cellphone’s Simtoolkit (STK) The STK will take care of displaying the menu to select the active sim card.


It is always worth combining available Triple Sim Adapter cards with Dual Sim Adapter offers. Very often the triple sim card is not really more expensive yet offering the possibility to integrate an additional sim card into a cellphone.


Triple Sim Adapter

The Triple Sim Adapter, however, is a useful extension of each smartphone.
A Triple Sim Adapter allows the control of 3 SIM cards in one phone.
In very many smartphones can be used instead of a dual SIM adapter, a Triple Sim Adapter. So it is with all iPhones e.g. possible to use a Triple Sim Adapter.
iPhone Sim Adapter 2-phones-in-1 ™, for example, in addition to a nano SIM card record 6 Triple even a micro-SIM card and a mini SIM card, that is you can every imaginable Sim card format use what is unspeakably practical, especially if you travel a lot.

Also a lot of smartphones from Samsung can be expanded with a Triple Sim Adapter.
The Sim card adapter for 3 SIM cards evaluates a smartphone on .Benutzt you. A cell phone, which is free for all networks, so one can control 3 different networks from one hand

Here can be very good cost savings when considering the best rates for voice and data to the respective provider seeks out.
A Triple Sim Adapter offering all the advantages a dual sim adapter. For this purpose, a third SIM card are controlled. It has access to 3 SIM cards from a mobile phone!

Often Triple Sim Adapter are not at all or only marginally more expensive than dual sim adapter.
If you use an iPhone, you can always pull the Triple Sim model into consideration, in mobile phones, where the complete adapter is inside, you should make sure that there is enough space for the adapter card.



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