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What is Dual Sim Card?


A dual sim card, very often also called a dual sim adapter or dual sim adapter card, is a holder for sim cards enabling to have a phone equipped with 2 sim cards at the same time.

There are several kinds of dual sim cards available. They can be distinguished as Cut Dual Sim Cards and No Cut Dual Sim Cards.

The Cut Dual Sim Card is the older version with Hypercard 3G being one of the most popular Cut Dual Sim Cards on the market still today and also being the first fully 3G and 4G compatible dual sim card.

The principle of a Cut Dual Sim Card is based on cutting out the golden chip in the middle of 2 standard sized sim cards (Mini Sim) and then fitting the two chips into the Cut Dual Sim Adapter, which has the size of a regular sim card. So in the end you will have 2 sim cards in one dual sim card being universally compatible with phones that have a sim card slot for standard size sim cards.

The Cut Dual Sim Card comes with an onboard IC Controller (chip) which provides switching between the 2 sim cards through a menu which is displayed in the cellphone.


In order to communicate with this application coming from the dual sim card, the cellphone must provide an interface, the STK or Sim Toolkit. Most cellphones do come with a built-in Sim Tool Kit.

Over the years other sim card formats have been becoming more popular, which are the micro sim and the nano sim format. The iPhone 4 is an example of a cellphone requiring a micro sim card, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 are exaples for cellphones requiring a nano sim card.

These cellphones can also be equipped with a dual sim card, a so-called No Cut Dual Sim Card.

No Cut Dual Sim Cards come with 2 slots for sim card, the one slot going into the cellphone’s sim slot being for Microsim such as for example the I-42 Dual Sim Adapter for iPhone 4, or Nano Sim (see NC2 S6 Dual Sim Adapter Samsung Galaxy S6) while the second sim card slot on the dual sim card hosts a standard sized sim card (Mini Sim).

Depending on the cellphone’s architecture, the second sim on the dual sim card will be placed inside the phone on top of the battery but under the cover (see NC2 S5 Dual sim Adapter Samsung Galaxy S5 as an example), or outside on the cellphone’s back and protected by a pouch (see most iPhone dual sim cards)

Just as the Cut Dual Sim card, the No Cut Dual Sim Card also comes with a chip which will use the cellphone’s Sim Tool Kit (STK) interface in order to display a menu in the phone where the user can select the sim card he wants to use.

A dual sim adapter is an intelligent device. Using it in a smart way really makes this device shine:

A smart way could be to forward calls in case a number is not reachable to the other number (the one that is active at a given moment). Configuring this kind of call forwarding on both sim cards is a very efficient way to benefit from the dual sim device and may be an alternative to purchasing a Dual Sim Smartphone and, if you are an IOS user, upgrade your device to dual sim functionality.


What is a Dual Sim Adapter?

A Dual Sim Adapter is in general terms, an adapter for sim card and allows the operation of two SIM cards in one phone.We then have a cell phone where 2 SIM cards are the same.
There are several types of Dual Sim adapters. This is called Cut Dual Sim adapters and No Cut Dual Sim adapters.

Cut Dual Sim Adapter

The older version is the Cut Dual Sim Adapter. One of the most popular Sim card adapter is HyperCard 3G.
This Cut Dual Sim Adapter has the size of a standard size SIM card, nowadays also called Mini Sim. One cuts of 2 standard sizes mini Sims out each part, so that only the golden chip remains. For this purpose, a pair of scissors or a special pliers for dual SIM adapters are used. On the Simcard adapter is a chip that drives the two SIM cards. This chip communicates with the phone via the Simtoolkit (STK) and provides the phone menu is where the user selects the active SIM card.

No Cut Dual Sim Adapter

Meanwhile, there are many smart phones with slot for Micro Sim Card or Nano Sim cards. For these smartphones come No Cut Dual Sim Adapter in question. Top representatives of these adapters are the models for iPhones, for example, the I-62 Dual Sim Adapter for iPhone 6 or the models of the NC series of 2-phones-in-1 ™, such as the NC2 S7 for the Samsung Galaxy S7. This Cut adapter consists of a ribbon cable which on one side of an apparatus for the Sim card has, which is located in the bay of the mobile phone. In the case of Samsung Galaxy S7, this is a device for a Nano SIM card, on the other side of the adapter, there is a slot for a second SIM card in standard size (mini Sim) Again controls a chip on the Dual Sim Adapter controlling the two Sim cards. At the same time, the chip on the simtool interface in mobile generates a menu where the user selects the to-use Sim card.

What is a Dual Sim for iPhone?

iPhones can be upgraded to dual sim or even triple sim by using a dual sim card or dual sim adapter .

While the very first iPhones would only work with Cut Dual Sim Adapters, today#s iPhones can be equipped with a No Cut Dual Sim Adapter.

An iPhone Dual Sim Card has 2 slots for sim card and comes in a microsim and a nano sim version.  the micro sim dual sim card for iPhone suits iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S whereas nanosim style iPhone dual sim adapters can be used with iPhone 5, 6 and SE series smartphones.

The side of the adapter with the Micro Sim or Nano Sim slot will fit into the iPhone’s sim slot.

The part of the adapter holding the second sim, a standard size Sim (Mini Sim) will be placed outside of the iPhone holding against the backside of the smartphone.

Most iPhone dual sim cards come with a customized pouch protecting phone and the second sim card from being damaged.

A chip on the iPhone dual sim card communicates with the Smartphone and provides a menu in the cellphone where the user has the option to select the sim card he wants to use.

After installing  the dual sim card, you will find the Dual Sim menu under Settings – Phone – Sim Applications. In this menu you will also have a few different options like renaming Sim 1 and Sim 2 with an 11-digit number. This way it may be easier to identify Sim1 and Sim 2 in the menu.

As there is no iPhone Dual Sim Smartphone on the market yet, a dual sim card for iPhone still is one of the smartest way to add dual sim functionality to the popular smartphone.

Adding a sima dapter kit like Sim Mate makes this even more flexible as you will be able to use any sim format for Sim 2 and not only Standard size sim cards. The adapter set contains adapters from nano sim to micro sim, nanosim to Standard sim and micro sim to Standard sim.

Some iPhone dual sim cards do come with a special pouch that will not only protect Sim 2 on the dual sim card, but will also provide space for the sim mate adapter set and a sim opener tool.

This way you will always have all necessary sim tools handy while travelling.

The dual sim card for iPhone is still a very convenient device when you have to use several sim cards.You can separate private and business calls, add local prepaid sim cards while traveling and combine best provider rates for calls and data. So you will save money. Upgrading an iPhone to a Dual Sim smartphone by installing a dual sim card for iPhone is not expensive. Compared to the many ridiculously overpriced gadgets for IOS it’s avery useful device for any iPhone user.


What is a Dual Sim for Android?

Smartphones running world’s most popular operating system Android can be upgraded with a dual sim card for Android and become a dual sim smartphone with 2 slots for sim cards.

This way the gap between a regular 1-sim based Android smartphone and its dual sim based dual sim smartphone counterpart can be closed.

Dual Sim Cards for Android come in 2 forms: Cut and No Cut Adapter.

The very first Dual Sim Card for Android Smartphones was Hypercard 3G, a cut Dual Sim Card.

This card is still very popular as it is compatible with all 3G and 4G networks, so you can also run Data connections through this dual sim card.

Hypercard 3G has the size of a regular sim card(Mini Sim) By cutting out the golden chip of 2 mini sim cards and fitting them into Hypercard 3G you can insert 2 sim cards in a standard size sim slot.

The IC controller chip on the dual sim cards controls which sim card is selected. The chip provides a menu in the Android smart phone where the active sim card can be selected. Using a phone’s Sim toolkit as interface to communicate with the application coming from the dual sim card no further  software installation is required.

These days most Android smartphones mainly come with sim card slots for micro sim or Nano sim cards. As an example Samsung Galaxy S4 requires a micro sim card, whereas Samsung Galaxy S6 requires a nano sim card.

As a supplier of dual sim adapter cards for Android, 2-phones-in-1™ have filled this gap by developping the NC dual sim card series.

The NC Dual Sim card adapters are No Cut Dual sim cards meaning that sim cards do not have to be cut.

They come in various shapes: either a combination of Minism and Minism Slot such as the NC1 Android Dual Sim Card for Samsung Galaxy S2, Micro sim and Mini Sim version such as the NC2 S4 Android Dual Sim Card for Samsung Galaxy S4. The third available shape is a combination of a Nano Sim slot and a standard size slot such as the NC2 S6 Android Dual Sim Adapter card for Samsungs Galaxy S6 Smartphone.

More flexibility for the 2nd sim slot on the adapter can be achieved by adding a sim adapter kit like sim mate, available in the webshop. With this kit you can use any sim card shape for sim 2.

While the amount of Dual Sim based Android Smartphones is undoubtfully increasing, there is still a huge market for Android Dual Sim Cards. Not everybody needs to be constantly available on 2 lines and may only need a convenient way of switching inbetween 2 sim cards.

By wisely choosing a suitable provider and using the Android smartphone’s call forwarding options an Android Dual sim card can definitely compete with a  Dual Sim  Smartphone.


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Bluetooth Dual Sim Adapter

Another kind of dual sim adapters are Bluetooth Dual Sim Adapters. They make a cellphone control 2 sim cards at the same time.You can find  them for Android and IOS devices

Bluetooth Dual Sim Adapters are always external devices, their size and shape vary from credit card size to computer mouse size.

Inside the Bluetooth Dual Sim Adapter is a GSM sender and receiver and a sim card slot. It is almost like a phone without screen and keyboard (except Socblue A850 which is Bluetooth Dual Sim Adapter and cellphone in 1)

As the name suggests it, a bluetooth dual sim device connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

An app on the smartphone controls the sim card in the external device. This way the smartphone becomes a real Dual Sim Smartphone with 2 independent lines.

A call coming in on the 2nd line ( the sim card in the Bluetooth Dual Sim device) will make the app pop up and you can take the call. This is also possible while being on a call on the smartphone’s internal sim card. This is a main difference to most Dual Sim Smartphones being only „Dual-Standby“ meaning that the second sim is inactive if you are on a call on the first sim.

A Bluetooth Dual Sim Adapter can also be connected to tablets and upgrade them with phone functionality. This way you can make a phone call  with an iPad for example.

The first IOS compatible Bluetooth Dual Sim Adapters required jailbreaking the IOS device.

Newest IOS Dual Sim Adapters do not require a jailbreak anymore and the app to control the sim card in the external device can be downloaded from the app store.

Dual Sim Adapter for LG and Nokia phones

Also for mobile devices, brands Nokia and LG can here Online Shop Dual Sim Adapter. Not all Nokia smartphones can be equipped with a dual sim adapter.

Windows Phone smartphones are indeed inherently, not always available with the exact same features as Android or IOS smartphone, a Windows Phone should have a Sim Toolkit interface, so it can be with a Dual Sim Adapter harmonize.
Here is also the ergonomics of Siam bay observed. The Nokia Lumia 925 smartphone can also be upgraded by Dual Sim Adapter to a mobile phone with 2 leaked. Den it necessary Dual Sim Adapter can be used with a matching case, which protects in the case of the Nokia Lumia external Sim 2, be conveniently ordered free delivery in the shop. One can select the active Sim through a menu then the Sim Toolkit in Nokia Smartphone. This requires no software installation is necessary. Using Dual Sim Adapter can then separate z-B private and professional calls, change bad network coverage to another mobile service provider network, avoid roaming charges by selecting a local prepaid provider etc.


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