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Welcome to www.dualsim.de With our products, you can use 2 simcards in 1 mobile phone. Our portfolio includes no-cut dual sim adapters, , the universal dual simcard holder and several high speed Digital Dual Sim adapters: Our top seller Hypercard 3g has UMTS/3G support. Please click on our easy-to-use Dualsim Wizard to find out the right Dualsim Solution for your particular phone. Our brand new Dualsim NC1 is different: No more need to cut your simcards! NC1 is 3g compatible and works really well with Samsung Galaxy SII. Our NC 2 and NC3 dualsim adapters work with Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 out of the box. Brand new: Our fine selection of dualsim adapters for iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 First ever Digital Dualsim 3G: Hypercard 3g is still the reference. Find out more. Now we also offer a fine  selection of power cases. These cases protect your phone and are equipped with an extra battery. You have an Android phone or iPhone and want to have 2 or more lines working at the same time? Then please have a look at our SocBlue Models . They turn Android phones and iPhones into real dualsim online dualsim phones.  We are official SocBlue Distributor. Womate 3G, latest device from 2-phones-in-1 offers for the first time real Dualsim for iPhone  without Jailbreak. Womate 3G is also a mobile 3G router for Android and IOS.So an IPAd without Simcard can go on the Internet and make phonecalls!No Jailbreak necessary!Please click to enter our 2-phones-in-1.com Dual Sim Webshop

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